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  • SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC develops solutions that integrate data collection, information sharing, control systems and energy management for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings around the world. SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC has the expertise to understand customers' different businesses and address their specific needs. SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC is the supplier of choice for building management solutions tailored to the way customers do business. To know more about SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC.

    visit: www.Schneider

  • NOTIFIER is the largest manufacturer of engineered Fire Alarm Systems offered through an extensive network of distributors worldwide For over 50 years, NOTIFIER has been a leader in the fire alarm industry and continues its commitment to improving fire and life safety by developing the industry’s most advanced fire alarm control technologies available today. For all your fire and life safety needs, look to NOTIFIER – Leaders in Life. Safety.

  • Designers and manufacturers of water control equipment for over 60 years; STANG has an unequaled record in quality and reliability. By using state of the art software and technology, STANG Industries Inc. brings you the very best in water monitor packages ranging from manual station monitors to 150’ tall elevated monitors. Motorized water cannons are available in full range including: hydraulic, electric and even water operated drive mechanisms.
    STANG water monitors employ a unique patented design that balances the water pressure within the gun itself, to a degree that provides perfect one-man control, regardless of the volume of water being handled.

  • Mamac(Maverick Partners) are a select group of integrators factory trained to provide engineering, start up and commissioning support for all Maverick IP Appliances. Customized web hosted dashboards and front ends are can be viewable many Mavericks on one page. These dashboards provide data archiving, charts and graph displays, set point changes, manual control, intelligent alarming, daylight savings time updates and in the future, intelligent front end based inter-Maverick data transfer and Boolean logic functions as well as energy metering reports.

  • ANSUL® is a premium brand of Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products. The full line of ANSUL special hazard fire protection products includes fire extinguishers and hand line units; pre-engineered restaurant, vehicle, and industrial systems; sophisticated fire detection/suppression systems and a complete line of dry chemical, foam, and gaseous extinguishing agents. ANSUL products are developed and tested at the ANSUL Fire Technology Center, one of the most extensive fire research and testing facilities in the world.

  • When thinking protection, think Bentel Security. With regards to protection, Bentel Security is an assurance. Backed by ten years experience in the security field, our company offers both know how and technology for your protection, with our systems you can sleep safe and sound. Our one aim is your "total protection".Bentel Security products boast national and international approval and quality marks, guaranteeing functionality and professionalism. Operational research and testing are by no means reason to give up style and simplicity; Bentel Security products are attractive, compact and easy to use. The all important need for protection requires more than just ordinary and improvised solutions, and a quick glance at our production plants and at the Bentel Security organization shows a reality in continuous evolution; the non-stop development of new solutions guarantee your security.

  • Since 1923 the H.O. Trerice Co. has consistently produced the most "Complete Line" of instrumentation and controls available to industry. Trerice has achieved this while maintaining an international reputation for excellence in product design and quality. With pride, we present this introduction to the "Complete Line" of Trerice Products. Industrial Pipe/ Duct Thermometers, Pressure Gauges.

  • Net Safety Monitoring Inc. designs and manufactures gas and fire monitoring equipment for a wide range of hazardous industrial applications. Inherent in these applications is a paramount need to protect personnel, facilities and production and to comply with safety requirements. Net Safety equipment targets this need and strives to offer cost effective solutions.

  • The Chemguard Fire Suppression Division is a full-service leader in foam concentrates, fire-fighting hardware, and engineered fire-fighting foam systems for industrial, military, municipal, offshore, petrochemical/energy, transportation/freight, and airport hangar applications Chemguard’s comprehensive operation includes chemical manufacturing, dry chemical blending and packaging, foam concentrate blending and packaging, hardware manufacturing, product testing and quality assurance, and bulk chemical storage. We perform on going product development and technical support to meet customer requirements and market demands in our state-of-the-art research and development laboratory.

  • SRI was established in 1974. It is wholly owned by SRII BERHAD which is listed in the Bursa Malaysia. It is committed to providing the most comprehensive and reliable firefighting equipment and services to protect lives and properties. Our customers are assured of the best from design, manufacturing to delivery, installation and service. Our capabilities in design and manufacturing allow us to customize products to client specifications. Our network of more than 70 distributors in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, the African continent and the USA, assures our customers of fast, efficient delivery of SRI products.

  • Shella fire Co. Ltd has been serving world fire fighter since 1975 by supplying quality products and made good reputation. Our expertise cover water foam delivery products such as nozzles, monitors, valves, hydrants and other fire related items. In addition to serving many major metropolitan fire departments, oil companies and other various industrial companies in Korea, Middle East, United State, Asia, Europe, Africa & Australia.

  • BUFFALOES FIRE PUMP, INC R-B Pump, Inc. was established in 1980 in Baxley, Georgia. Our specialty is custom-made pumps. Since inception, over five thousand pumps have been designed and manufactured, and are all in service. R-B Pump has one of the largest selections of fire pumps in the industry. Our fire pumps are manufactured to NFPA standards, and are UL listed and FM approved. Our pumps require lower horsepower due to higher efficiencies.

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