Social Responsibility

“Helping to create a better world through eco-friendly solutions, is the Environment policy that Instrumentation & Management Systems (I&MS) has kept in forefront”. We have a responsibility and spirit to fulfill the commitment of environmental protection.

We intend to:
take appropriate precautions to avoid environmental hazards and to prevent damage to the environment
ensure that our environmental policy is implemented effectively by applying appropriate management systems. The technical and organizational procedures required to do this are monitored regularly and constantly further developed
ensure sustainable development in environmental protection by careful use of natural resources. It is our aim to avoid pollution or to reduce it to a minimum, above and beyond statutory requirements
work continually toward reducing the burden on the environment, toward minimizing associated risks and toward lowering the use of energy and resources, above and beyond the legal requirements
assess and incorporate the potential impact on the environment in product and process planning at the earliest possible stage• require each employee to act in an environmentally conscious manner. It is the constant duty of management to increase and encourage awareness of responsibility at all levels

International standards, Nationally!
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